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Subscription to the site currently costs £500 per year


(£400 for members of Effective Marking)

If you want to subscribe to the site, or book training, please email [email protected]

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Subscribers to the site get access to a range of core resources that will support the consistent delivery of effective handwriting teaching.


We strongly recommend that schools have the training we provide. You may also wish to arrange follow-up support visits. However, once you have developed capacity within the school, the resources on this site will enable a key person within the school, for example the literacy co-ordinator, to lead on handwriting very effectively across the school.


Subscribers get access to:


Some model plans (including for teaching of the four joins)


Marking stickers to support the marking of handwriting and also the retention tasks in the model plans


Management tools for the handwriting lead (handwriting work scrutiny forms, handwriting lesson observation forms)


Classroom display materials


Simple assessment guidance


CPD materials: detailed PowerPoint and tasks to use within the CPD (for training of new staff, TAs, volunteers etc)

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We currently produce two versions of the assessment grid for letter formation: one is linked to Read Write Inc scheme’s order for introducing sounds, the other to the Jolly Phonics order for teaching sounds. Whatever scheme you use, you can re-order the column headings and make the spreadsheet work for you.

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Assessment materials

Marking stickers

Classroom display material

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Model plans

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Teacher's Handbook

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